Enterprise Solutions

These flexible and scalable solutions are ideally suited for large organizations including Fortune 1000 retailers and manufacturers. They include customized, branded and private B2B and B2C online auction marketplaces that extract higher prices than traditional liquidation techniques.

Increase your recovery by 30-80% with a long-term strategic asset
Access to B-Stock's global buyer base and proven service offerings
End-to-end support from our team of marketplace experts
Automate the manual tasks associated with liquidation


  • Create Competition Among BuyersRather than selling to a single buyer for a pre-negotiated price, or asking a small group of buyers to send their best offer, our platform generates transparent competition between buyers, pushing prices up and ensuring your inventory sells at the highest possible price.
  • Reduce Dependence on LiquidatorsAccess to our global buyer base and ongoing demand generation programs eliminates your dependence on a small group of buyers. Multiple bidders will help bid prices up rather than having liquidators negotiate them down.
  • Automate the ProcessEliminate the manual methods of selling merchandise slated for liquidation. Manifest distribution, collection of offers, negotiation of final pricing, performance reporting and analysis are all automated.
  • Build a Strategic Asset That Pays for ItselfYour own marketplace becomes a strategic asset and gives you a competitive advantage over your competition including a direct relationship with the buyers purchasing from your site. Why use your inventory to build somebody else's marketplace?

B2B Private Marketplace

A private, customized online auction marketplace that connects bulk quantities of customer returns, excess and overstock inventory directly to approved business buyers, enabling a substantial increase in recovery. Flexible, scalable and designed to accommodate high-volumes of merchandise across all product categories and conditions, our B2B solution is a long term, strategic asset that pays for itself.


Countries with registered bidders


Units sold annually


Increase in recovery


Client controlled

B2C Marketplace

The "clearance" page in ecommerce is dead. Designed as a replacement for this static page on high-volume sites, our B2C solution increases velocity of sales and recovery rates by up to 250% and acts as a powerful marketing tool that can drive your ecommerce business. If you have high volumes of new and light use merchandise slated for clearance or liquidation, we can harness the value of that merchandise to increase buyer acquisition, marketing opportunities with users, and time spent on the site.


Higher visit to buyer conversion


Increase in repeat visits


More marketing opportunities to buyers


More time spent on the site by buyers

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Retailers and manufacturers liquidate more than 95% of customer returns and overstock inventory on the secondary market. This year alone, over $260 billion in merchandise will be returned back to U.S. retailers. This is why it's very important to be smart about liquidation and recovery programs.

Nine of the top 10 U.S. retailers look to B-Stock for recovery solutions. Fill out the form to learn more about how our marketplace experts can help drive results for your organization.