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Say goodbye to the traditional appliance liquidators who you’ve dealt with in the past. B-Stock is your new appliance destination!

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Lock in exclusive inventory from top retailers

New ways to buy inventory at consistent and high volumes

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✅ Inventory locked in on the agreed frequency and quantity 

✅ Sample lots available

✅ From 3 months to 1 year agreements

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Apply for free to access our premium buying formats. Your business must have the purchasing power of + 10 truckloads of inventory a month or + $200k purchases.  

In this infographic, we’re breaking down the flow of your FTL shipments from payment through to delivery. Plus, where potential delays may occur.

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Ideal for purchasing 10+ truckloads a month

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Ideal for purchases of $200k or more

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✅ Exclusive access to quick surges in inventory 

✅ Large brokered deals arranged for you

✅ Avoid the hassle of bidding

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