The Full-Service B2B Recommerce Experience

While B-Stock’s powerful suite of solutions and global buyer network enhance your organization’s recommerce program at a fundamental level, we go the extra mile to make clearing out your unsold inventory as fast, easy, and sustainable as possible.

Precise, Data-Driven
Advisement & Management

Extensive industry expertise, nearly 20 years of proprietary marketplace records, and cutting-edge predictive modeling capabilities all combine to deliver key selling insights and enable data-backed decision making in areas such as:

  • AI-driven recovery forecasting
  • Auction start price optimization
  • Proven listing & lotting practices

We Do the Work for You

Count on our expert support staff and platform automation features to handle time-consuming but critical steps necessary to the B2B recommerce process, including:

  • Marketing-driven demand generation
  • Buyer vetting & communication
  • Listing & auction monitoring
  • Lot optimization strategy
  • Invoicing & payments
  • Customer cupport & mediation services

Compliance Has Never
Been This Easy

We’ve designed numerous aspects of the B-Stock platform to help achieve compliance with internal and external regulations, while reducing both financial and legal liability

  • Proactive buyer compliance auditing
  • Systematic tracking of all sales activity to make bookkeeping easy at any scale
  • Mitigated safety concerns stemming from packed warehouses and overworked staff