World's largest platform for excess, returned,
refurbished, and trade-in mobile devices

Sell mobile phones and other mobile devices
on B-Stock's B2B sales platform

World's largest platform for excess, returned, </br>refurbished, and trade-in mobile devices
World's largest platform for excess, returned, </br>refurbished, and trade-in mobile devices

Our B2B Sales Platform

Across our client marketplaces, we sell over 3,000,000 phones and over 5,000,000 mobile accessories annually.

Market Insights

Gain market knowledge and industry & pricing trends

Insight Across Devices

Insight into the model, storage, carrier, color, & SKU levels

Inventory Variety

Flexible and scalable: sell across all models, conditions & quantities

Dedicated Support

Marketplace auction specialists ensure you maximize your average sales prices and velocity

How It Works

Sell directly to secondary market buyers via your own B2B marketplace. The online auction platform creates competition, leading to higher average sales prices for mobile devices vs. legacy solutions. You have full control over who is buying your inventory and can set buyer restrictions. Targeted marketing campaigns ensure the right buyers see your inventory.

What You Get

What You Get

  • Instant buyer demand
  • Auction strategy to maximize your value
  • The highest returns for mobile devices
  • Consistent listing schedule and condition codes ensure happy buyers
  • Easy-to-understand buyer terms & conditions
  • Real data on secondary market prices
  • On-demand data on secondary market prices by brand, model, and historical depreciation values
Diverse Group of Buyers

Diverse Group of Buyers

Have your own buyers you want to bring to B-Stock to make your mobile resell channels more efficient? No problem. Want to recruit new buyers to increase competition for your excess mobile inventory? No problem, B-Stock markets and brings thousands of new buyers to our sellers every month.

Data Wiping

Data Wiping

B-Stock is committed to ensuring consumer privacy through verified data wiping processes for all returned, trade-in, and excess mobile inventory.

Recycling & R2 Certification

Recycling & R2 Certification

B-Stock is committed to helping our environment and reducing the amount of merchandise that makes its way to landfills around the world. In 2020 we saved 125M pounds of consumer electronic products, giving them a second or third life with consumers.

R2 Certification provides transparency and reduces the risk of devices containing personally identifiable information.

Mobile Digest

Mobile Digest

Interested in seeing historical depreciation rates by make and model? Curious how average sales prices have been impacted with the release of new models? Check out our Quarterly Mobile Digest to learn more

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