What are the different types of shipping?

B-Stock offers 3 different types of shipping:

  • Binding Shipping
  • Buyer Arranges Shipping
  • Fixed Price Shipping
    • “Free Shipping” is a type of fixed price shipping

The auction shipping type appears on the Auction Details page and in the Bid Confirmation dialog box.

Shipping types may vary from auction to auction, even within the same marketplace.


Binding Shipping

Binding shipping means the buyer must pay the total order amount, which is the winning bid plus the cost of shipping and tax, if applicable. This shipping type involves a few steps.

Upon winning an auction, a buyer is notified and prompted to pay. Payment triggers the B-Stock system to select a carrier and calculate a shipping rate in real time based on the order location and destination, as well as the listed dimensions and weight of the lot. The shipment is then booked with the carrier who will contact the buyer to schedule a delivery.

Buyers should schedule delivery within 3 days of a carrier’s suggested delivery date.

Note: Lot dimensions and weight are submitted by the seller, and any discrepancy resulting in additional cost will come out of the seller’s proceeds.


Buyer Arranges Shipping

Buyers are responsible for arranging shipment with a carrier of their choice and must work with the seller to schedule pickup and delivery of their shipment. Payment for shipping is made by the buyer directly to the carrier.

A seller who uses this type of shipping will be responsible for publishing all required information about scheduling a pickup in the Auction Details page or via email notifications.


Fixed Price Shipping

When listing the lot, the seller predetermines a shipping price which is clearly displayed within the details of the auction. Buyers are required to pay this fixed price when they pay the purchase price of the lot.

After the order is paid, the seller will book the shipment with their preferred carrier who will then contact the buyer to schedule a delivery. In the case of parcel deliveries such as UPS, FedEx etc., no shipping arrangements will need to be made.


Buyer Pickup

The seller has the option to allow a buyer to pick up an order directly from their facility. The buyer must supply their own truck and labor.

Unless specifically noted on the auction details page, an order is not eligible for buyer pickup.

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