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Maximize recovery, velocity, efficiency and control while minimizing the amount of work and manual tasks.

Don’t forget Customer Support. Things happen; buyers have questions: our in-house CS team handles all buyer inquiries, payment services, education, disputes, and other correspondence. We are on it so you don’t have to be.


Sell directly to secondary market buyers via your own B2B marketplace.

The online auction platform creates competition, pushing prices up. You have full control over who is buying your inventory and can set buyer restrictions. Targeted marketing campaigns ensure the right buyers see your inventory.

Everybody Liquidates with B-Stock

Nine of the top 10 retailers work with B-Stock, why aren’t you?


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Learn more about our B2B solution for returned, overstock, and trade-in mobile devices

Sell returned, excess, and other liquidation inventory directly to secondary market buyers via your own B2B marketplace. This type of platform allows for better recovery, velocity, efficiency and control.

100% control 135 countries in our global buyer base

90M items sold annually 30-80% higher recovery

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