What types of disputes do not qualify for mediation on B-Stock Supply?

The following instances do not qualify for mediation:

  • Any transaction canceled by the buyer or seller
  • Any loss due to damage or misrepresentation discovered by the buyer prior to completion of the transaction
  • Any ancillary losses, punitive damages, lost profits, inspections cost, restocking fees or other expenses incurred by the buyer
  • More than one claim by the buyer on the same completed transaction.
  • Any condition-related disputes when the order condition is listed as “Salvage.” Please refer to this resource for information on conditions.
  • Claims after the buyer deactivates their account.
  • Claims when the buyer files a lawsuit with Small Claims Court against B-Stock.
  • Claims from a buyer in an area precluded by the auction listing.
    • e.g. the buyer cannot dispute recalled items, missing parts, damage, or other problems that were disclosed in the original listing
  • Claims for inventory bought on a marketplace other than B-Stock Supply.

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