What does the dispute process look like?

If a dissatisfied buyer’s claim qualifies for resolution [link to qualification question], it will enter a mediation-arbitration process facilitated by B-Stock’s dispute mediation team. In this process, the buyer and seller will each be asked via email for their account of the incident. The seller will be given the opportunity to accept the complaint and issue a partial or full refund.

If the buyer and seller fail to agree to a settlement, or the seller refuses to participate, then the B-Stock mediator takes on the role of arbitrator and makes the final decision before closing the dispute. Note that the mediator has discretion at the outset to determine that arbitration is the best option for resolution and proceed to that step immediately. 

For the sake of speed and efficiency, B-Stock expects both parties to keep the process moving along. If the buyer fails to respond to a message from a mediator in a timely manner [link to resolution timeline], then the dispute will be closed with no settlement. If the seller fails to do so, then the dispute will be arbitrated. B-Stock strives to be timely as well, and is usually able to respond within 1 business day for new claims and within 2 days for follow-up correspondence.

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