What Happens If My Dispute Qualifies For Resolution on Supply?

In the event that your claim qualifies for resolution, it will enter a mediation-arbitration process facilitated by B-Stock’s Mediation Team. In this process, the buyer and seller will be given the opportunity to resolve the dispute through mediation or a decision will be made by a B-Stock arbitrator. If the dispute is being mediated and the buyer and seller fail to agree to a settlement, or the seller refuses to participate, then a B-Stock Arbitrator will make a final decision and close the dispute. The mediator has discretion at the outset to determine that arbitration is the best option for resolution and proceed to that step immediately. 

In an effort to keep resolutions timely, there will also be deadlines imposed at each step of the Mediation process. If the buyer fails to keep a deadline, then the dispute will be closed with no settlement. If the seller fails to keep a deadline, then the dispute will be arbitrated. B-Stock strives to be timely as well and B-stock related delays will not cause your case to go to arbitration.

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