Shipping Dispute Process on Supply

In the case of both buyer-arranged and seller-arranged shipping, once the product has been successfully transferred to the carrier the responsibility to deliver the merchandise in good order transfers to the carrier. This means that carrier-caused issues are to be resolved between the carrier and the buyer. B-Stock Mediation assists buyers and sellers in filing claims and educates all parties involved. Arbitration occurs where needed. 

Shipping/ Handling Time for Seller: Seller is to ship the order by the end of the 5th business day after payment. Creating a label does not qualify as shipping. 


Shipping Status:

Buyer Arranged Shipping

Seller is to release the order to the carrier the buyer provides. If there is a delay, the seller must notify the buyer to adjust shipping. If an issue with the carrier arises, the buyer will file their own claim with the carrier. 

NOTE: Carriers often consider the origin party to be the “sender” and the destination party to be the “recipient.” However, when a buyer arranges shipping, they are also considered the sender. It is important to note this when filing claims with the carrier, who are not always aware that the recipient arranged the shipment. 


Seller Arranged Shipping

The seller releases the order to a carrier, after which risk of loss and liability for the inventory has passed to the buyer. 

If an issue arises, the buyer will be instructed to file a claim with the carrier. The buyer will reply with the confirmation that they have filed the claim, along with the case number. All parties will wait for the claim to be complete. 

Claim payouts are occasionally issued to the seller. B-Stock Mediation assists the seller in issuing this claim amount to the buyer. 

In the rare situation where the buyer cannot file the claim, then the seller must file the claim on the buyer’s behalf within 2 business days. Even if the buyer can file their own claim, the seller must remain involved to insure that the ultimate payout makes its way to the buyer. 

If the carrier has determined that the package was delivered to the correct location, the claim will be denied. Proof of delivery in the form of photos or signatures are only provided by carriers if this service was requested and paid for in advance. Please remember that it is the buyer’s responsibility to keep track of incoming deliveries and be prepared to receive them at that time. After the carrier has successfully delivered a shipment, the responsibility to receive it falls to the buyer.

NOTE: Shipping carrier investigations typically take up to 8-10 days to complete. It is important to note that shipping claims take longer to resolve and often do not cover the full value of the affected merchandise. While B-Stock is committed to moving this process along quickly, the shipping claim timeline is Federally regulated and allows carriers an expanded time frame to investigate and payout on shipping claims. 

Please find the information below on where to file a claim for some of the shipping carriers.




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What can I do to ensure my order is delivered successfully?

  1. Watch tracking to ensure the order is delivered on a day that works for you. If not, contact the carrier and make arrangements to pick it up from a local carrier facility or have it delivered a different day. 
  2. Be present on the day the order is expected to be delivered. 
  3. Contact the seller ahead of time and request insurance, signature delivery, etc in the case of a claim. 
  4. If the order is marked delivered and not received, contact the carrier immediately. 

Please reach out to B-Stock’s Customer Service team anytime at or 1-800-266-1591 if you have any questions or difficulty filing claims. 

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