This article will walk you through how to create, edit, and manage your own auction listings on B-Stock Supply. Prefer a video tutorial? Check out our Video: Creating Your First Supply Listing 

To create your first action listing, you’ll need to login to your B-Stock Supply account with your username and password (tip: your username and password are the same from when you signed up). 

If you have not yet opened a B-Stock Supply account, please fill out an application. If you are already an approved seller, but have misplaced your login info, then use the Forgot password? link on the login page. 

Build your manifest

Login to with your username and password.


Go to Catalog -> Submit Auction

You’ll be prompted to download the Manifest Template (or the Manifest Template for Mobile if you’re a mobile seller). A manifest is an inventory catalog that includes:

  • Category: choose from the drop down categories list
  • Item Description: provide as much detail as possible about the item(s)
  • Qty: the number of units included
  • Retail Per Unit: MSRP or estimated original retail price of each item
  • Total Retail: this is the total retail value of the listing (automatically generated for you)
  • Condition: select the condition of your items from the drop down list. Only New, Used, and Salvage conditions are available for the Cell Phones category. Please note: if various conditions are found in the manifest, the lowest condition will be applied to the overall listing.
  • Mobile Grading: select the grade of your cell phones from our dropdown list for used condition cell phones.
  • Packaging: you’ll need to include how the items are packaged (original, etc).

You can add additional columns to the manifest file if needed, including:

  • Expiration Date: required for medications or food products
  • UPC: optional UPC or product number
  • Manufacturer
  • Model

Here is what it looks like: 

B-Stock Manifest Template (3/1/2019)

Once you’ve downloaded and filled in your auction details; be sure to save in .xls, .xlsx, or .csv format.

After you’ve saved the manifest the system will generate an online manifest table for your review and upload. Don’t worry, you can still edit and sort after uploading it! The table will ultimately become the manifest buyers see.

Alternatively, you can skip downloading and then uploading the manifest and enter item details, line by line, straight into the online grid.

Provide Shipping Details

Select the shipping method you plan to offer for your auction.

1. Free Shipping: select the eligible ship-to locations covered by free shipping

2. Fixed-Cost Shipping: select the eligible ship-to locations covered by the flat shipping cost.

3. Buyer Arranges Shipping: enter the details for shipping quote, including:

  • Package type
  • Number of packages
  • Total weight of the entire lot
  • Dimension for each pallet
  • Service Type: less-than truckload (LTL) or truckload
  • Shipping Notes: use this field to call out shipping restrictions or alternative methods for international buyers (if any)

For more details on shipping check out: Selling Basics: Shipping on B-Stock Supply

Provide Final Auction Details

Put the finishing touches on your auction listing including:

  • Auction Title: you’ll be able to edit first half of your auction listing; you’ll want to call out the major product categories, any make/model/manufacturer info, and any other important details. The second half will be automatically generated from what was plugged into the manifest.
  • Lot ID: this gives you an optional lot tracking number
  • Images: it’s best to upload several images of the actual item. Check out Selling Basics: How To Take a Great Listing Image

Preview And Submit For Review

Once submitted, your auction will be scheduled for review. Any auctions submitted after 1pm PT will post the following day. After it’s published, your manifest will be available for download by buyers.


Can I edit an auction listing after submission?

You can still edit your auction manifest once it’s uploaded as long as it hasn’t been processed or published by the B-Stock team. Please review your listing thoroughly before each submission for faster processing time.

When will my auction be listed?

Your auction will be reviewed by B-Stock within 24 hours of submission. You may be contacted for additional information if needed.

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