Posting clear and accurate images of  your products has major benefits including higher prices, more sales and additional trust from buyers. It also makes searching for listings easier. Read on for some tips for great listing photos and then put them into practice!

Download our official guide: B-Stock’s 5 Tips for Great Listing Photos

Use a plain backdrop

A simple white backdrop puts the focus on the products you are selling. Find a plain white wall to shoot against or hang a white sheet or poster board behind your product.

Frame your product

A good listing photograph should have the entire auction lot visible in the photo. If you have too many items, show a selection of items that best capture what the merchandise is. You can easily center and compose your photo by turning on the GRID VIEW mode on your camera. The item should be centered and take up most of the frame. Make sure none of the product is falling out of the frame.

Use a tripod

It pays to invest in a tripod. Tripods are great for keeping a steady hand and will save you from blurry photographs (a surefire way to have a buyer bid less or pass on your product). A tripod will also allow you to easily take photographs with varying angles. The best angles are straight on, 3/4 to the right and left, and from behind.

Want to learn more about shooting and editing great photos? Download: B-Stock’s 5 Tips for Great Listing Photos