We get that signing a fixed-term contract with a major liquidator or handful of buyers can provide a certain sense of relief: a signed contract virtually guarantees a predictable removal time for all of your excess stock. However, fixed-term contracts with a limited amount of buyers can create challenges, not to mention dependencies.

By working with a single buyer, or a small group of them, you’re probably getting the lowest price possible for your stock. Think about it: liquidators know they aren’t being forced to compete for the inventory so they have an advantage at negotiating prices down—and keeping them down. What’s more, being dependent on one or two buyers to take away your excess inventory will typically leave the buyer with the upper hand to demand incentives (leaving the retailer in a risky situation).

The good news is, there are newer liquidation solutions that won’t leave you dependent on a handful of buyers or a single liquidator. B-Stock’s online auction marketplace solution is one of them. Leveraging our platform (whether via your own customized liquidation marketplace or via our multi-seller marketplace, B-Stock Supply) makes it just as easy to sell your liquidation inventory to thousands of business buyers (versus negotiating with one or two). Our buyer network of 100,000+ business buyers is interested in inventory across all categories and conditions. More buyers competing for the inventory drives competition and ultimately increases recovery rates.

In today’s competitive business climate, you can’t afford to be dependent on your buyers. Better pricing (and no negotiating!) is possible and the results speak for themselves. Check out how one of our retail clients, a global ecommerce company, doubled its pricing on returned and overstock inventory.

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