While most of us are still planning final summer vacations and enjoying the next couple of weeks before herding the kids off to school, there are retail industry professionals hard at work preparing for the inevitable onslaught of Holiday Returns (yes, we’re already talking about it!). Officially, the holiday shopping season doesn’t begin until November 1, but considering all research is pointing toward a very successful shopping seasonparticularly for ecommerce (and that 30% of online purchases are returned- yikes), perhaps it’s never too early to start planning.

A recent article in Multichannel Merchant cited return rates for specific categories of returned holiday items; not surprisingly, apparel, shoes and consumer electronics boast the highest rates. Across our network of client marketplaces—which include sites for nine of the top 10 U.S. retailers—we see similar trends.

This season, retailers will have to contend with even more online returns than ever before; having a plan in place to offset the costs of processing, sorting, warehousing and shipping them is an essential part of preparing for the holidays. Another important aspect is what to do with the item once it comes back to the warehouse. In most cases, holiday returns don’t go back on store shelves, so having a secondary market solution in place is a must.

To get a head start on how you can leverage the secondary market to offset loss from holiday returns, check out our 2017 webinar on Tackling Holiday Returns.  

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