In an effort to drive customer loyalty retailers and manufacturers are stepping up their game when it comes to the ease of returning items: special ‘returns’ entrances, pop up kiosks at the mall for items purchased online, year-long deadlines and label-free returns are among the options. But a happy return for the customer is a logistical nightmare for the retailer, and one that’s costing billions of dollars in efficiency.

As these new return options continue to drive a culture of risk-free impulse buying and over purchasing, retailers and manufacturers must also adopt newer, more-lucrative logistics programs for how to deal with the merchandise once it’s returned to the kiosk/store/warehouse. This is especially true for the items that can’t be returned to store or virtual shelves. Let’s face it, most retailers aren’t going to put a year-old pair of shoes back on the shelf; more likely the shoes will end up being slated for the secondary market.

So what makes for a more lucrative returns program for secondary-market bound merchandise? Ditching old, manual methods like selling everything to a handful of buyers at a pre-negotiated, most likely rock-bottom price, is an important first step; this type of solution always leaves money on the table. A newer and better option is to create competition among hundreds or thousands of secondary market buyers; this will drive prices up. A web-based, online auction platform like those powered by B-Stock, is one way to make this happen. When leveraged correctly, this type of solution can boost prices by 30-80% and sometimes much more.

B-Stock has a handful of solutions depending on your liquidation needs. For example, our Enterprise Solution is ideally suited for Fortune 1000 organizations with large volumes of returned inventory; it includes a customized, branded and private B2B auction marketplace for you to sell directly to approved buyers. Eight of the top 10 U.S. retailers are currently using B-Stock’s Enterprise Solution for their returned and excess inventory. For companies with less inventory, our multi-seller marketplace, B-Stock Supply, allows you to sell directly to thousands of interested – and approved – secondary market buyers. Either way, you are automating the manual processes associated with liquidation and have complete control over how your inventory enters the secondary market.

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