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Quickly turn your excess inventory into cash by having tens of thousands of buyers compete for it on B-Stock’s branded marketplace platform. B-Stock Supply is a business-to-business marketplace where companies, small to large, can sell excess inventory across hundreds of product categories and conditions.


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Ship & Get Paid

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B-Stock Supply

Our branded online auction marketplace is the most cost-effective and efficient liquidation solution available. B-Stock Supply enables organizations of all sizes to sell their customer-returned and overstock merchandise quickly across any product category, condition or lot size directly to a concentrated and vetted global buyer base. The result is higher recovery for your inventory and less dependence on liquidators.

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  • Easy to Use Our technology platform allows you to easily post full inventory manifests for buyer review and bidding.
  • Access to a Global Buyer BaseMarket your excess merchandise directly to approved business buyers located in 135 countries.
  • Recover More Money Multiple bidders will help drive prices up, rather than having a single buyer negotiate them down.
  • Cost-Effective Platform Quickly turn your excess inventory into cash for only $99 per month.

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