From buyer’s remorse to buying the wrong size, make or model, consumers are fickle creatures, returning around 3.5 billion items a year – a lot of which can’t go back on store or virtual shelves and are slated for liquidation. B-Stock connects this excess merchandise directly to a global base of business buyers, including one Arizona businessman who has created a “retail return center” to take inventory off of retailers hands while passing deep discounts on to shoppers.

On a weekly basis, Scott Fitzgerald, President of Tempe’s The Curb, purchases tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of product from dozens of retailers across the B-Stock Sourcing Network and sells it, both in-store and online, for 50% off of retailer’s price. Fitzgerald says his reselling concept benefits everyone involved: shoppers like that they’re getting a great bargain on items like vacuums, televisions, furniture, and small appliances; while retailers like it because it takes excess merchandise off their hands. Fitzgerald and his team test each and every product coming in on the pallets to make sure that it is undamaged and works properly before passing on the huge savings to The Curb customers.

Fitzgerald says ease of use is one of the many benefits of sourcing inventory on the B-Stock platform: “The excel manifests allow you to price products in advance and upload them in your inventory system easily.” Fitzgerald goes on to say that from bidding and payment to shipment and arrival, the process is simple to navigate.

To learn more about The Curb and shop online, visit To learn more about B-Stock’s network of marketplaces and begin sourcing inventory directly from major retailers and manufacturers, please visit The B-Stock Sourcing Network.

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