Traditional liquidation methods involve layers of middlemen, red tape, product poaching and price mark ups before buyers even have access to the inventory. Luckily this old-school way of doing things is slowly evolving into an efficient B2B model where buyers have access to returned, overstock and excess merchandise directly from the retailer or manufacturer’s private-label, branded liquidation marketplace. This presents a level playing field for buyers; meanwhile, the retailer has more control of who is purchasing the product and how it enters the secondary marketplace. It’s a winning scenario for both sellers and buyers.

This topic was recently addressed by B-Stock Solutions’ Director of Professional Services, Dave Gershon when he sat down with Wireless Dealer Magazine at CTIA’s Mobility Week. Within the video Q&A Dave explained why purchasing straight from the source allows for more transparency and should be a best practice for anyone buying consumer-returns or excess merchandise at auction.

Take GameStop for example: devices including tablets, gaming systems and cellular phones returned or traded in by customers are auctioned in bulk on GameStop’s private-label B2B marketplace. Qualified business buyers have direct access to the merchandise and can purchase straight from GameStop. No middlemen or traditional liquidators involved.

To see more of Dave’s interview with Wireless Dealer Magazine, please click here. For a look at B-Stock Solutions’ network of private-label B2B marketplaces or to start sourcing returns and overstock merchandise directly from Fortune 1000 retailers, please visit our B-Stock Sourcing Network.


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