We are asked frequently by buyers about how to source “wholesale electronics lots”. Electronics is a category that is extremely attractive to online and offline resellers because the products are in high demand and carry a relatively high price per unit. That means a reseller can make more absolute dollars of profit per transaction, which makes their operation more efficient. In addition, the secondary market is robust because of the level of consumer returns, product obsolescence, new model introductions and so forth.

It is important, however, to understand what is meant by the term “wholesale” as you search for the right source of inventory while doing your liquidation comparison . We tend to use the term “liquidation” or “bulk liquidation” rather than “wholesale”. Although people say “wholesale electronics” when they are looking for liquidation lots, to us, “wholesale” means something slightly different. To us, ‘wholesale electronics’ refers to large quantity lots of new consumer electronics goods sold at a wholesale liquidators price. It refers to regular, “A grade”, product sold at normal liquidation wholesale prices.

Liquidation“, on the other hand, refers to inventory that is distressed and the seller’s priority is to simply convert it into cash. It might be returns, overstock or obsolete inventory. We help our clients sell this inventory in large, bulk lots. Because these are bulk lots, some buyers describe it as ‘wholesale’.

It is important to know what you are getting into when buying liquidation lots. Liquidation electronics lots can be particularly valuable to a buyer who has the ability to ‘add value’ to the product. That is, if you have the ability to refurbish defective electronics, you can extract even more margin when you resell. If your only capability is reselling brand new items, wholesale electronics like liquidation tvs are probably what you should be buying.

Several of our marketplaces sell liquidation electronics lots. The variety of what is available is great. For example, in our Walmart marketplace you will find large lots of returned TV’s as well as mixed lots that include home audio, computers, GPS and other electronics. You will find lots from single pallets up to full truckloads.

Similarly, our Sam’s Club marketplace often sells large wholesale electronics lots that include computers, laptops, cell phones, GPS and other mixed returns like liquidation appliances.

Our Tech for Less marketplace offers smaller lots of a wider variety of products and conditions.

Whatever you are looking for, make sure you understand the product you are buying. If wholesale electronics are your thing, check carefully to ensure you aren’t buying raw returns. Similarly, if you have the ability to refurbish or repair electronics, liquidation sales on lots from returns are exactly what you should be looking at.

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