During the product sourcing segment on the eBay Radio Show last week [Feb 2012], Howard Rosenberg (CEO of B-Stock Solutions) was asked to provide some insight on the B-Stock Sourcing Network, and how it helps eBay sellers source inventory smarter. As the hosts of the show points out, serious eBay sellers are always on the look out for new wholesale electronics and wholesale liquidations clothing channels to source inventory from. Many of these wholesale electronics like tv auctions and wholesale clothing sources will sell inventory to eBay sellers at a fix price that includes a significant markup. That’s where the B-Stock Sourcing Network is different. As Howard points out, the B-Stock Sourcing Network provides eBay sellers with direct access to major retailers and overstock inventory that they were previously never able to buy in a liquidation closeouts sale. There are no middlemen or markups with the B-Stock Sourcing Network. It’s a better, smarter option for eBay sellers who currently source wholesale electronics, appliances liquidation and wholesale clothing.

For those who don’t already know, the B-Stock Sourcing network is made up of private liquidations wholesale auction marketplaces that B-Stock Solutions powers and manages for large retailers such as Macy’s, Walmart, and Sam’s Club. The marketplaces allows the retailers to auction off their surplus electronics excess inventory directly to eBay sellers at a fraction of MSRP. eBay sellers can bid with confidence, knowing whom they’re buying from, and what they can expect when doing their wholesale liquidation comparison.

To learn more, check out the B-Stock Sourcing Network and get started with your liquidation buying.

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