B-Stock’s Listings team is made up of a dynamic group of 16 dedicated employees working out of our new Orlando, FL office. Led by Michelle Vazquez, the team does far more than anyone might imagine. When you think “listings” an image of manifests and spreadsheets might pop into your head; but you’d only be seeing a small part of the picture. Saying that the Listings team only does data entry work would be selling it short, and we (and our clients) wholeheartedly agree.

Listers, as Michelle affectionately refers to them, are professional people-persons who work closely with Account Managers and other departments to assist our clients as efficiently and quickly as possible. Throughout the listing process, Listers are a point of contact on everything from payment to processing to auction strategy and much more. They are knowledgeable on all aspects of an auction listing and each of our client’s marketplaces. They also help foresee and solve issues before they escalate; saving both our clients and other departments time and effort.

And the team spirit and effort doesn’t go unnoticed: B-Stock’s clients often send thank yous via text and email, as well as gift cards and baskets.

Michelle refers to herself as ‘Momma Bear’ and instills a personal philosophy in her work called, “Team Lift.” For Michelle, Team Lift means being a strong team member; having your team’s back by helping each other out; completing cross training; and generally easing each other’s burdens. It’s about collaboration and lifting up to be the best possible team. It’s an approach she uses at home with her own family and it crosses over nicely to work as well.

You’ll never hear a Lister say, “That’s not my job.” Instead, they roll up their sleeves to help each other out. That’s the kind of team anyone would want to join.

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