It’s official, Dunder Mifflin has reemerged on the paper industry scene by partnering with B-Stock to sell its overstock paper products. You might remember, after a fun-filled eight year run, the company closed in 2013 after Michael Scott declared bankruptcy. But, after finding two barns worth of paper rolls hidden away at Schrute Farms, Dunder Mifflin needed a way to sell the paper quickly and at a higher price point than traditional methods. Dunder Mifflin’s relationship with B-Stock started a little rocky, as Michael didn’t quite understand the auction process. We had to remind him that he’d be auctioning off his excess paper supply, not his employees. It was a tricky conversation, but we think we got the message across.

Then there were the meetings during which Michael Scott went off on tangents, but our patient and understanding account managers kept him on track.

In the end though, B-Stock feels like we’ve gained not only a new partner with Dunder Mifflin, but we gained a new friend as well; despite the idiosyncrasies. Oh and one more thing– we love April Fools Day as much as we love liquidation.