By getting smart about the secondary market and looking beyond traditional liquidation methods for customer returns and other excess inventory – like selling offline to one or two buyers – you can create a sophisticated, scalable solution that optimizes your monetization of customer returns and other excess inventory. But what exactly does a successful solution look like?

B-Stock Solutions’ CEO Howard Rosenberg recently contributed an article to Inbound Logistics on the topic titled “Don’t Just Liquidate, Seek Scalable Solutions,” which included some best practices to help achieve maximum efficiency and return including:

Reassess your plan: approaching obsolete merchandise as an opportunity versus a headache can significantly impact your overall business margin.

Automate the process: a web-based solution makes it easier for thousands of buyers to compete for your inventory.

Target the right buyers: more buyers result in increased competition and higher prices, but having the “right buyers” can increase prices by triple digits.

Take control: retaining control over who is able to buy your returned and excess inventory, and how your brand enters the secondary market, is a must.

Establish a direct channel to buyers: selling directly to business buyers who will compete for your inventory with help drive prices up versus having a single buyer negotiate them down.

For more information on how to reassess your liquidation plan, check out the full Inbound Logistics article. For more information on how B-Stock Solutions can help you implement a sophisticated liquidation solution, please contact us.

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