It’s not just apparel, mobile devices, appliances, and TBYB business models that are increasing emphasis on online sales. Top grocers are also focused on online sales in response to an increase of consumer interest. A recent report found that most (67%) of online grocery shoppers began shopping online in the past year in order to save time on purchasing less perishable grocery items each month. Furthermore, 74% or more are purchasing dry and/or canned food. These less perishable items are the most often purchased food items online and will likely continue to be in the future.

The more frequent online grocery shoppers (younger males with children who purchase a large variety of items online) are buying their groceries online due to ease of use, trusting the brand, and ability to deliver. It should be no surprise then that the top two online grocers are Amazon and Walmart; it turns out that consumers are also purchasing groceries in addition to clothing and personal care items.

Signs indicate that online grocery delivery will continue to grow. Half of all respondents to the survey reported they are highly satisfied, which means they will continue to shop online for groceries.

“I’m looking to continue my online grocery food shopping
because it’s easier than traditional shopping in so many different ways.
It’s also great for the many types of products and brands I buy.”

To encourage more online shopping, grocers will need to provide fresh food/product, which would go a long way to winning over older females, who make up the less frequent online grocery shoppers. Other incentives include providing free delivery and free returns when quality isn’t met.

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