B-Stock Supply Listings is a remote based team led by Erin Keith out of Northwest Florida near Pensacola. Erin has been with B-Stock since 2014 when the Supply marketplace was just ramping up. “I can remember when I first started we would create around 50 listings on Supply per day and now we are creating 5 to 6x that, so it’s been phenomenal watching the growth and being a part of it over the years.”

Brenda Smart is based in Elizabeth City, NC and has also been with B-Stock since 2014. She has acquired an alias of “Supply Queen” due to her deep knowledge of Supply Listings and her unwavering dedication to the team and always doing the best job she can.

Paige Lehnert is the newest member of the team, joining in August 2017 and is based out of Windermere, FL. She has been a great asset to the team since her first day and she picked up the plethora of rules and guidelines that is Supply extremely fast.

Erin says, “I see us as a well-oiled machine and believe we are successful as a team despite our geographical differences because we communicate frequently and clearly with each other. Brenda and Paige also understand my daily, short and long term goals for the team and marketplace and we collaborate often ensuring we are on track to achieve them.”

When B-Stock Supply was first launched, it was designed to give SMB sellers a venue to liquidate their merchandise to certified resellers. As the site has grown by leaps and bounds since then, Supply now not only hosts SMB sellers but features many medium to larger sized sellers like Magellan, Essex, and more. While B-Stock Supply features many different categories, our best selling categories are currently Cell Phones, Consumer Electronics, Appliances, and Fashion.

Erin works closely with our Account Managers and SMB clients in making sure their auctions are submitted accurately and in a way that will attract heavy buyer traffic opening a pathway to achieve desirable recoveries. The Supply Listings Team then reviews each listing to ensure accurate information is displayed. This process is very important as it keeps dispute rates to a minimum making B-Stock Supply a desirable platform for both buyers and sellers and also keeps the site appearance uniform. Once listings are reviewed and ready to be scheduled several factors are considered to determine which runtime is best suited for each listing to achieve the best results.  

In addition to the larger sized sellers that Erin creates listings for, Brenda and Paige together are responsible for posting hundreds of auctions each day. With so many listings submitted every day, one of the challenges that Erin faces is to ensure that the number of auctions ending is kept in check so as not to have too many auctions ending on any given day. Another challenge the team faces is to ensure that products that are banned or restricted are not listed on Supply.

Along with sharing Listing best practices, it goes without saying that Erin’s Team is instrumental in continuing to make the Supply Marketplace a trusted one and will go the extra mile for both our buyers and sellers!

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