UK Buyers Can Now Purchase Small Truckloads!

We’re so excited to announce that the Amazon Liquidation Auctions EU site is getting a new marketplace feature! Starting May 2021- UK buyers will get Small Truckload options when purchasing customer returns on Amazon EU!

We will break down what that means for our B-Stock UK buyers (benefits on benefits on benefits!) and give a quick overview of the Amazon EU marketplace, as well as ways to save on shipping. Let’s jump right in.

Benefits to B-Stock Buyers

Similar to what’s offered in Poland and Spain, Amazon will soon be able to offer a Small Truckload option out of the UK. What does that mean?

Well, for starters:

  • Accessibility to lower-priced lots
  • Great way to get started on the Amazon EU marketplace
  • Smaller option to purchase rather than a full truckload
  • Cheaper shipping option but with more inventory than LTL

All in all, buyers will have an even better chance to try new inventory! This variety is important when it comes to finding what works best for you and your customers. Being able to choose smaller offerings means you get to try different things, and more often. Now, you will find more focused auctions that are right for you and have a more cost-effective way to get involved.

More ways to source on Amazon EU

In the UK, as of now, you mainly see auctions for Full Truckloads (23 pallets). Now, you will get the option to browse Small Truckload auctions with 12 possible pallet spaces. You will see this abbreviated as STL on B-Stock.

amazon eu small truckload offering

Note: The Amazon STL offering in Poland and Spain is 16 pallets.

If you’re more of a visual person, here is an idea of the size difference between Full Truckload (FTL), Less than Truckload (LTL), and Small Truckload (STL).

small truckload offering on amazon eu

For more information, visit Shipping | Official European Marketplace.

Job lots for every buyer

On the Amazon marketplace, you can find job lots in just about every category.

Inventory available for bid will include customer returns and overstock in the following categories: electronics, wireless & computers; kitchen, home & garden; pets; toys, children & baby; pantry & grocery; books, music & games; apparel; sports & outdoors; automotive; beauty, drugstore, health & personal care; as well as mixed lots.

Save on shipping while you’re at it

As EU/UK buyers, there are tons of ways to save on shipping. Whether that is by trying consolidated shipping with SEKO Logistics, finding free shipping on Supply Europe, or looking for nearby warehouses. Remember, if you find liquidation marketplaces with warehouses closer to you, you’ll cut your costs and save on shipping. Read Buying on B-Stock Europe? 3 Ways to Save Money on Shipping for even more details.

If you were hesitant to get started with bidding and buying clearance and overstock inventory, this is your sign. Visit the Amazon Liquidation Auctions EU marketplace for all your inventory sourcing needs. On Amazon’s marketplace, you can find customer returns, overstock, and job lots from the leading internet-based retailer. It’s easier than ever to access when you register as a B-Stock buyer today!

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