Amazon strives to provide convenience, selection, and value to its customers. As it provides one of the widest range of products across Europe, it also presents a huge opportunity for resale businesses to source inventory in popular categories like home, furniture, PC’s and electronics, and more. In this article, we’re breaking down the basics of what you need to know about buying overstock inventory from Amazon Europe.

What is overstock inventory?

Despite online sales growing exponentially every year, online retailers still face the need to liquidate overstock inventory to free up valuable warehouse space and lower handling costs due to ever-changing demand. Overstock inventory sold on Amazon Liquidation Auctions is liquidated merchandise in brand new condition and in original retail packaging. Unlike customer returns, overstock items have not been previously purchased by customers. Additionally, inventory is sent directly from warehouses and sold as-is.

How does the shipping process work?

Shipping for Amazon overstock usually comes in multiple shipments, as it is likely coming from various warehouses. The shipping cost will be calculated at the time of bidding and will vary based on a few factors: the origin country, buyer location, and the auction size.

So, you’re interested in purchasing overstock inventory from Amazon? Let’s touch on a couple of things prior to placing your bid!

Things to consider before buying overstock from Amazon

For people new to reselling or buying Amazon liquidation pallets for the first time, overstock inventory is a great place to begin. One, the lot sizes are usually smaller which will be easier for you to sort and streamline your processes. Two, the overall product cost per auction is usually less which can be helpful if you’re just starting your business.

One thing to note is that Amazon overstock inventory is not delivered in full truckloads; this differs from customer returned inventory. Buyers should have appropriate warehouse stuffing and equipment, such as a forklift, to unload merchandise throughout the 3-6 week shipment period.

About Amazon Liquidation Auctions Europe

Amazon Liquidation Auctions on B-Stock allows qualified business buyers in Europe to bid on damaged/defective and overstock merchandise from the leading internet-based retailer.

Inventory available for bid will include customer returns and overstock in the following categories: electronics, wireless & computers; kitchen, home & garden; pets; toys, children & baby; pantry & grocery; books, music & games; apparel; sports & outdoors; automotive; beauty, drugstore, health & personal care; as well as mixed lots.

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