Cześć! Hallo! Bonjour! Welcome, future international B-Stock buyers. So you’ve checked out our marketplaces page and found some that you are interested in. That’s great! The next step is to get registered so you can begin bidding and buying bulk lots from your favorite retailers. 

The good news is the process is pretty painless..and what’s more, it’s free! Plus, we’re here to help you along the way. Let’s jump right in. 

B-Stock’s International Approval Process

First and foremost, regardless of where in the world you live, B-Stock requires all of our buyers to have a valid resale business. Make sure you have a business license or VAT Number (if available) from your country. For Canadian buyers, this would be GST/HST/QST tax numbers. If you cannot provide a business license or VAT number, you must provide proof of business in the form of government documentation. Your business name and business address need to be clearly visible on the documents you provide. Invoices are not an acceptable form of proof/documentation. 

B-Stock’s International Marketplaces

Second, because each retailer has its own rules and restrictions, you need to apply individually for each marketplace you have an interest in. While not every one of our marketplaces is open to international buyers, a majority of them are. 

This list outlines the marketplaces available to you along with additional restrictions particular retailers require:

How to Register

To see which international marketplaces are available to you, head over to our marketplaces page and ​​filter by country. As with all marketplaces, you will need to create an account with the same email and password by clicking the “apply/login” link in the top right, and clicking “apply now!” 

Please note: You must select the country your business is registered in from the drop-down menu. 

International buyer registration

In addition, prior to clicking “register” and completing the process, you will have the opportunity to directly upload your business documentation:

International document requirements

Once you click register, you will know within one business day whether you’ve been approved. If you have any questions, visit our FAQs page!

International Shipping

Third, be aware that international buyers are responsible for arranging their own shipping on all transactions. If you plan to use a freight forwarder to ship to a location in the U.S. prior to your country, there is an additional document you must submit. You will be required to provide a shipping document with the company’s letterhead confirming you are a current customer and are authorized to use that particular address. Here is a sample of what a shipping document looks like:

Finally, just a couple of items to note when bidding and purchasing internationally on B-Stock:

  • As an international buyer, you are responsible for arranging your own shipping from all locations. 
  • Payments made from outside the U.S. may be subject to an additional international wire fee by your bank (usually about $25 USD).
  • Some auctions on the B-Stock Supply marketplace are labeled as being USA only. As a result, international buyers cannot bid on these particular auctions (even if they have a US address).
  • As part of the post-auction process, if the seller of the lot you win does not deem your documentation sufficient, they have the right to request more information or cancel the order.
  • No buyers from Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Yemen, Venezuela, or Syria will be approved on any sites due to USA federal regulations. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the B-Stock network of buyers! If you need help at any point along the way, please reach out to our Customer Support team. Once approved, you will have the chance to shop from over 1,500 live auctions daily! So, what are you waiting for?  

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B-Stock Editorial Team

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