Shipping & Packaging

1. General Information

All shipping costs are paid by the buyer; we do not offer buyer pickup or buyer-arranged shipping. Shipping rates for customer return inventory vary depending on country and load size (full truckload (FTL) or less than truckload (LTL)). For overstock auctions, rates vary depending on country and unit count.

The rate will automatically calculate based on your shipping address and added to your order total (winning bid amount + shipping rate + VAT, if applicable). The rate is available on the auction detail page for each auction; please contact us via e-mail if no rate is displayed. To view merchandise locations, please visit the auction detail page or filter the auctions by country on the main marketplace page.

You are able to easily change your shipping address for an auction up until payment is submitted. Changes to your shipping address after payment has been submitted may result in a delay or cancellation of delivery and may generate reconsignment fees. In case of unexpected shipping issues please provide a phone number where you are available during normal business hours so that carriers can contact you directly. Buyers are required to have appropriate warehouse staffing and equipment (e.g. forklift) in order to unload merchandise immediately upon arrival.

Please factor in a +/- 5% discrepancy between the value of what you bid for and what will arrive due to warehouse overages and shortages. We will not accept any disputes that fall within this range. All sales are final. In case of under-shipments (more than 5% of manifest value), Amazon has the option to reimburse you by sending replacement units, or through a partial refund process. These will be based on product cost and % of the price you paid. We do not recommend buyers to bid if 100% exact match of manifest vs. received goods is expected.

2. Shipping Process

Customer Returns
  1. Customer return inventory is held at 3rd party logistic provider warehouses and is pre-packed on pallets.
  2. Upon payment confirmation, your order status updates to “Paid”. Amazon then sends an order to the 3rd party provider to initiate the shipping process.
  3. Once the provider has scheduled the shipment, your order status will change to “Scheduled”. Look out for an e-mail containing the scheduled delivery date from the 3rd party provider.
  4. Delivery of all auction merchandise will be executed as indicated by the provider.
  5. Once the customer return merchandise has been delivered, you will receive an invoice.
  1. Overstock inventory is located in different Amazon warehouses across Europe and is not packed yet.
  2. Upon payment confirmation, your order status updates to “Paid”. Amazon then sends an order to our warehouse to pack the merchandise and prepare it for pick-up by a 3rd party provider.
  3. Amazon places an order with a 3rd party provider to pick up the merchandise. Due to the various pick-up locations, we cannot provide you with a “Scheduled” status update.
  4. Your order may be broken up into multiple shipments and delivery will take place within 4-6 weeks after payment confirmation.
  5. Once the overstock merchandise has been completely shipped, you will receive an invoice.

3. Packaging Examples

3.1 Customer Returns

Customer return inventory may be shipped on EU pallets or Chep pallets in case the inventory is stored and shipped from the UK.

EU Pallets (fits many doorways)

Customer return merchandise shipped from European warehouses may be shipped FTL, which consist out of 32 EU pallets. Additionally, customer returns stored and shipped from Spain may be shipped FTL or LTL, which consists of 4 EU pallets. Customer returns stored and shipped from Poland may be shipped FTL or STL (Small Truckload), which consists of 16 EU pallets. One packed EU pallet has an average height of 1.80m and an average weight of 130 kg (290 LBS). A typical pallet is either packed with 1 parcel or 6 parcels. The single parcels have a length of 0.8m, a width of 0.6m, and an average height of 0.6m.

CHEP Pallets

Customer return inventory shipped from the UK is shipped on Chep pallets and available as either an FTL, which consists of 23 Chep pallets, or as an STL (Small Truckload), which consists of 12 Chep pallets. One packed Chep pallet has an average height of 1.40m and an average weight of 155 kg. A Chep pallet is typically packed with 2 parcels, which each have a length of 1m, a width of 1.2m, and an average height of 0.7m.

Please find sample pallet pictures for customer return merchandise below.

3.2 Overstock Inventory

Overstock inventory may be shipped in pallets, packages, or parcels; sizes will vary for each shipment.

Please find sample pallet / package / parcel pictures for overstock merchandise below.