An invitation to the Forbes Technology Council means you’ll be joining the ranks of  Oracle, Salesforce, Cisco, Thomson Reuters, and many more highly successful technology leaders. It’s a prestigious council – members are often published in Forbes – and we’re pleased to report that B-Stock’s own Vice President of Engineering, Ivaylo Iliev, has recently been asked to join.

B-Stock’s Vice President of Engineering

To really grasp the importance of this recognition, B-Stock’s Communications team sat down with Ivaylo to see what it takes to be invited to join the Forbes Technology Council and to understand how he’s achieved success at B-Stock for nearly a decade. (It’s important to note that Ivaylo joined B-Stock as its third employee, so he’s been here from the start.) We first wanted to learn what kind of hurdles he had to overcome to get started and what kind of failures were experienced. Per Ivaylo:“We started with a mature, core team for the planning, so fortunately, we didn’t have any major disasters right off the bat. We didn’t start small or easy either; we started with a large-scale, complicated solution, solving the really tough issues along the way. Because of this, the smaller-scale solutions that we’ve tackled since then have been manageable.”

B-Stock’s tech team has completed over 50 successful marketplace implementations for some of the world’s largest retailers and manufacturers. Even more impressive is the team’s 99.9% success rate in keeping everything up and running. Ivaylo credits the team’s success to meticulous planning, testing and monitoring to make sure the solution works the first time, the second time and every time. “We work incredibly hard to make sure there aren’t any disasters, shortages or outages when going live,” says Ivaylo.

How B-Stock plans to work with the Forbes Technology Council

When it comes to his acceptance into the Forbes Tech Council, Ivaylo looks forward to collaborating with other members and representing B-Stock as a technology leader in the reverse logistics industry. He wants to get the message out to large retailers with excess inventory that there are newer, technology-driven ways to liquidate excess and returned inventory. Through its technology platform, B-Stock enables retailers and manufacturers, including 8 of the top 10 U.S. retailers, to recover 30 to 80% more for their excess merchandise. “Traditional liquidation methods are behind the curve, and we’d like retailers to know there is a better way, and it’s through B-Stock,” says Ivaylo.

“Up and running”

Ask anyone around the office about what comes to mind when they think about Ivaylo and they likely answer by saying, “he keeps it up and running.” “Everything is up and running” has become Ivaylo’s trademark response when asked for updates during B-Stock’s weekly all-hands meeting. (He’s given that answer so many times his team recently made him a hat with that exact sentiment on it.) It might seem like a simple phrase, but in a setting where millions of transactions and billions of dollars are depending on your technology offering, those are extremely powerful and important words.  

A big congratulations to Ivaylo on all his accomplishments. To learn more about Ivaylo’s acceptance into the Forbes Technology Council please visit our News & Insights page.

For more insight into B-Stock’s technology offering and how we are revolutionizing the liquidation industry please contact us or download our recent article, Using Technology to Tackle Excess Wireless Inventory.

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