Meet Danielle Janauskas, one of B-Stock’s Strategic Account Managers, based out of our Boston office. As a Strategic Account Manager, Danielle works with some of B-Stock’s largest clients to ensure their B2B liquidation marketplaces run smoothly.

Before joining B-Stock, Danielle worked at Hubspot during its early start up phase until IPO. Following that, she transitioned to Forrester Research, where she worked as an account manager. Her work on Enterprise accounts at Forrester enabled a smooth transition to B-Stock: Danielle currently serves as AM for four of our largest clients. Says Danielle of her main focus: “I make sure my accounts incorporate best practices – based on B-Stock’s years of data and experience – while continually strategizing on how to improve auction performance as well as the buyer experience. The goal is always to maximize recovery for the client while moving goods in a timely fashion so warehouses don’t hit capacity.”

In her two years at B-Stock, Danielle has helped implement programs that improve efficiencies, including integrating with a client’s inventory management system so that we can 1) lot the merchandise more strategically; 2) improve product category management; and 3) help improve definitions for conditions so the client can establish more transparency and trust with buyers.

When working with clients, Danielle encourages them to be transparent about the conditions of the goods. “No matter what the condition is, as long as we are honest about it, the more likely we are to sell it at the right price and have minimal disputes.” She also highly encourages B-Stock’s best practices when it comes to auction strategy: opening auctions with a low start price; providing high quality images of the goods; and connecting with the right buyer base. Says Danielle: “when that happens, we can really get great recovery and we hit targets for those lots.”

On the personal side, Danielle is about to get married (congratulations!). She and her husband-to-be live in Boston with their cat and a dog; they love taking in the sights and trying new restaurants. Danielle is a self-described foodie and said, “one of the great things about Boston is that there is always something new to try and there’s always some type of food that I’ve never had before that I get to experience.”