Whether you are just dreaming about opening an on-line store or you are a seasoned ecommerce pro, you are well aware that sourcing your inventory takes up enormous amounts of time. Identifying quality merchandise is difficult enough, and finding quality sources to supply it is even more of a challenge. Of course, when you do find good inventory and good people to work with, finding significant volumes of in-demand items can be difficult, too.

Fortunately, there are plenty of big-name retailers who routinely sell overstock inventory that has lingered on shelves and in warehouses for too long and returns that have nowhere else to go. The current prolonged winter in the Northeast is creating an overstock of warm-weather clothing. The need to turn over seasonal inventories and the lengthy cold spell is increasing the likelihood of overstock among the major retailers. Combined with this excess inventory, the surging performance of the retail sector in the U.S. economy is creating a good opportunity for secondary market retailers to acquire quality items for very reasonable costs.

Not only is it likely there will be a glut of available inventory, it also appears that consumer are opening their wallets as the economy slowly recovers. Even with current challenges arising from the climate and energy costs affecting retail operations, the retail sector is still doing well, showing signs of improvement in same-store sales over last year. Most interestingly, the retail growth is being led by discount and apparel stores. Clearly, resellers should be looking to capitalize on this opportunity.

B-Stock solutions is ready to assist secondary market resellers to identify products that suit their eBay, Amazon, or other ecommerce shops. Through our network of major retailers looking to liquidate excess merchandise, we’ll provide you with access to high quality inventory for which you can name your price.

Visit the B-Stock Sourcing Network site at http://sourcing.bstocksolutions.com and we’ll get you connected.