If you run a small business and are looking for a cost efficient way to restock your inventory you may want to consider some of the larger retailers such as Walmart and Sam’s Club. You may not realize that recent advancements in the state of the art of liquidation have made it possible for even the smallest businesses to buy their excess inventory. This inventory is sold at pennies on the dollar and usually in an auction format, giving you the opportunity to name your price. This allows you to verify accurately target your required profit margin while providing great value to your customers.

At the forefront of these industry innovations is B-Stock Solutions. B-Stock is on a mission to help retailers take back control of their liquidation efforts rather than handing them over to large liquidators who claim to be better equipped to handle it. By registering in B-Stock powered marketplaces, you don’t have to worry about finding quality merchandise because there is always something available from well-known companies, like: Walmart, Sam’s Club, hh gregg, The Journeys Group and Jasco Products. You can buy inventory from them only through their official liquidation marketplace. They post their lots for sale and all approved buyers have the opportunity to browse through it and make offers as they see fit. From electronics to designer handbags and more, you pick what you want and you don’t have to pay markups that traditional liquidators earn.

It is very simple to get started. Simply register with your chosen retailers based on the type of inventory you are looking for. Browse through the variety of listings and bid on a lot you want. Start small and slow until you learn a bit about the inventory of each seller. You want to make sure you understand the condition and quality of a retailer’s returns before you start buying in very large volumes.

Whether you sell on an auction site such as eBay or you have a flea market booth; you can get items that would otherwise cost you much more. And since inventory costs are such a significant portion of most businesses cost structure, it really helps to buy low.