B-Stock is so excited to welcome Anuroop Sahu to the Product Management team this summer! As a summer teammate, we know Anuroop will be an incredible asset to the company. Anuroop is currently studying Management in Information Systems at the University at Buffalo. Learn a bit more about Anuroop and see his answers to some questions below.

Q: What are you most excited to learn at B-Stock?

I am most excited to brainstorm with the awesome Product Team @BStock and build an MVP from scratch that can potentially redefine the Re-commerce marketplace set by the organization.

Q: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? (Or still want to be!)

AirForce Pilot. I had also cleared Stage – II of the Indian Naval Air Force but unfortunately could not get through the final round.

Q: What is one piece of advice you’ve been given that has stuck?

It’s Product Management advice given at a keynote by Sam Altman and it’s in my head since then: “It’s better to build something that a small number of users love than a large number of users like.”

Q: Where can people find you after work or school?

You won’t find me, I’d be already out on my bike trying to find the nearest park to sit and gorge on a slice of pizza. 🙂

Q: What is a hidden talent of yours?

I can COOK some good Indian food with a matching movie suggestion for you! 🙂

Q: What plays in the background while you work (music genre, podcast, news)?

Music (EDM – A Martin Garrix & The Chainsmokers fan) and my pet Woofy’s barks!

Q: Where would you go with unlimited PTO?

I would go to Tomorrowland (Belgium) Music Festival and travel around the world with Woofy (my pet).

Q: What do you do when you’re stuck creatively? How do you get the creative juices flowing?

When I get stuck, I walk out and clear my head and then query somebody on the idea to get a different perspective and begin again!

Q: What’s something you’ve accomplished that you’re proud of?

I decided to educate myself on my own terms and thus had taken an education loan to fund my undergraduate education. Completing it from my first job’s savings was a fulfilling and proud moment for me.

Q: What is one thing you hope to contribute to B-Stock?

I hope to hone my collaboration skills by working with others and create an immersive and simplified user experience for the new MVP project.

If you’re interested in B-Stock’s internship program, please contact hr@bstock.com or reach out on LinkedIn!

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