How does shipping work?

The shipping method will vary depending on the specific auction and marketplace. Since B-Stock does not sell any product, B-Stock does not manage or facilitate the shipping of that product. Please review the shipping details on each auction page prior to placing a bid. 

Most auctions are binding shipping, which means you will pay the calculated shipping cost displayed on the live auction page, and the assigned carrier will arrange delivery to your selected address.

If you add all your addresses able to receive product to your address book prior to bidding, you will be able to review what the shipping cost will be for each address via the drop down feature on each auction. Please check ship costs to each address at the time of bidding, placing your bid only after you select the address that works best for you and the product you intend to purchase. If you check after you win the auction, and you decide to go with your original address, the ship cost will populate with current ship costs, which may be more than what they were when you originally placed the bid. 

Please review this page for detailed instructions on how to select an address on live auctions. Though this page also shows how to change your address on an order, we do recommend selecting the address at the time of bidding to avoid any changes in rate that may have occurred between the time you placed the bid and when you reviewed your order.

For auctions marked Buyer Arranges Shipping, a shipping estimate may be displayed on the live auctions page to give you an idea of the shipping cost. Once the order has been processed as paid, you will contract with a carrier of your choice using the final shipment details provided in your payment confirmation email.

There are also Free and Fixed cost shipping methods where you will pay the price, if any, listed in the shipping details page.

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