What should I know about receiving my shipment?

Following the procedures and best practices below will help ensure that your shipment is received, reviewed, and unpacked properly, which will reduce issues.

  • Do not refuse the shipment unless it is absolutely the wrong order.
  • Ensure that the pallet or box count matches your invoice and bill of lading. Take note of all identification numbers.
  • Review the delivery receipt, and sign only for services performed such as liftgate, inside delivery, or residential delivery. Keep a copy of your delivery receipt.
  • If you have the ability, check the weight of what you received against the weight on the bill of lading. If there is a large discrepancy, count the inventory to confirm.
  • Inspect the condition. If there are signs of excessive damage created by obvious carrier negligence, take pictures while the goods are in the trailer. In addition to taking photos, take detailed notes. Describe the issues, including pallet ID(s), on the delivery receipt or BOL.
  • Carefully unload and unpack your order. Be careful not to damage or misplace inventory that has already been received.
  • Keep copies of all forms and pictures for your records and in case you need to provide them to be reviewed.

Keeping in mind the original auction lot condition description, if further inspection reveals damage, stop. Document the issues, take pictures, and submit details by reporting an issue via your order details page. If you do not see an option to submit a claim, please email us at [email protected] with all documentation.

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