Shipping Checkout

We’re pleased to bring you an updated feature that enables a better Buyer experience related to shipping arrangements for auctions that you’re actively bidding on or have won. We designed this feature to help you better understand your potential shipping costs based
on the shipping address that you select

If you change your shipping address, the B-Stock platform will update shipping costs/estimates in real-time based on your new shipping destination.
If the address you want isn’t available on the address selection menu, add it to your address book by navigating to your Account link in the top right corner.

Whatever shipping address you have set as your default will be tied to your auction bid. If an address is updated after a bid is placed, your existing bid is still tied to your previous address selection. Any new bids placed after you change your desired shipping address will be associated with that updated address selection.

If you win an auction, you will have the opportunity to change or update your desired shipping address on your Order Details page. Any changes must be made prior to rendering payment for your auction. For orders where lift gate or other delivery services are available, you can opt in or out of those services. If delivery services are selected, the order total will update to account for those fees.

For the marketplaces that B-Stock collects wire payments for, once you’ve finalized your desired shipping address and order details you’ll be able to print this page and use it to make the necessary wire payment arrangements with your financial institution.

Also included on the Order Details page is your Order ID number – please be sure to include this Order ID number when you make your wire payment to allow B-Stock to efficiently apply payment for your order and release your order for shipment in a timely manner.