What forms of payment are accepted?

There are three forms of payment accepted. Detailed instructions will be provided on your “Bid Won” confirmation email and can also be found on your Orders Page. (Account > Orders > Order#) 

ACH through Stripe
Online payments are available on select B-Stock marketplaces. From your Orders Page, you must accept the terms and conditions and select your banking institution. Learn more about online payments.

Wire Payment
If you are unfamiliar with sending a wire payment, please contact your financial institution directly for assistance. Wire transfer payments sent to the US from a non-US bank may incur an intermediary bank fee. For more information regarding the intermediary bank that is used by your financial institution and the fees that they take, please contact your bank directly.

Using an alternative payment method not listed as an accepted payment method above will increase the risk that your payment will be lost, delayed, and/or returned, thus risking order cancellation for nonpayment.

Only certain orders may be eligible to be paid with B-Stock Credit on your account. How to use B-Stock Credit for your purchase.

If you have a credit on your account, please see this link on how to use it.

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