How do I pay with ACH through Stripe?

For orders that are eligible to be paid via Digital Payments (ACH), you will find a “Pay Now” button on the order details page.

1. Once you click “Pay Now”, you will be asked to agree to connect your checking/saving account – your data belongs to you and will only be used with your permission

2. Next, select your banking institution and log in securely. Don’t worry, we can’t access details like username, password, or individual transactions.

3. Once you have chosen your account, you will have a chance to review your order summary and confirm payment.

Note: Please ensure the balance is maintained for three to four days after payment submission.

What happens if I cannot link my bank account using Stripe?
Sometimes there may be issues with linking your bank account to the payment offering. Try following these steps to resolve the issue:

1. Ensure that you are linking a checking or savings account. We currently only support these two types of payment accounts.

2. Ensure that your bank balance is more than the amount you are attempting to pay for. Oftentimes, failure to link and process payment is a result of insufficient balance.

3. Let your bank know that you want to link your account through Stripe and make a payment for an online order. Your bank may limit the activity of digital payments.

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