B-Stock Credit Guide

How to view and use your Multi-Currency credits

With marketplaces around the world, buyers on B-Stock are often dealing with foreign currencies when paying for auctions located overseas. Occasionally, B-Stock will issue an account credit to a buyer based on the currency of the respective auction.

This guide is to help you check your B-Stock Credit and show you how to apply it to unpaid orders.


On the Order Details page, you will now see a My B-Stock Credits section.

No B-Stock Credits

  • If you don‘t have any B-Stock credits to apply to your order, you will see this message underneath the “My B-Stock Credits section”.
My Orders Balance Button

B-Stock Credits available

  • If you do have B-Stock credits available, you will see this reflected in each currency that you have credits for. Note: You can only redeem credits in the currency the auction is listed in.
My Orders Balance Button

Reason for credit

  • If you click the “Show Details” buttons to the right of the credit, you will be able to see the date and reason for the credit being issued. Click the line items under “memo” for a more detailed description of the credit reason.
My Orders Balance Button

Before Applying B-Stock Credits

  • You will see a Redeem Credits button if you have B-Stock credits and your unpaid order is eligible for payment using your credits.
My Orders Balance Button

Applied B-Stock Credits

  • After you select Redeem Credits and B-Stock has successfully processed the payment, any remaining B-Stock Credit will be updated in real-time. (There may be a delay of up to 15 minutes as our accounting system updates your B-Stock credits.) Note: Once any portion of your credits have been applied, it cannot be undone.
My Orders Balance Button

To apply any remaining B-Stock Credits to another unpaid order, navigate to the Order Details page for the next order that you want to pay.

Again, go to the My B-Stock Credits section to see your updated credits.

If the order is eligible for payment with your remaining B-Stock credits, you will see the Redeem Credits button.

Click the Redeem Credits button to apply your credit and view the updated order total.

  • If you do not have B-Stock credits in the currency the winning auction was listed in, the “Redeem Credits” button will be greyed out and you will be unable to select the credits.
  • A B-Stock Credit can only be applied in whole amounts. See the below examples for different scenarios and how they may apply when using your B-Stock Credits.

    Example #1

    If you have $1000 in B-Stock Credits and an unpaid order for $500 that you‘d like to pay for with your credits, you do not have the option to apply any amount of your credits less than $500. If you select Redeem Credits for the order, B-Stock will apply $500 from your credits, leaving you with $500 remaining credits.

    Example #2

    If you have B-Stock Credits of $1000 and an unpaid order of $5000, you can select Redeem Credits and B-Stock will apply your full balance to the order. The unpaid amount due for that order will be updated to $4000, payable via the standard B-Stock payment methods.

  • Orders that don‘t allow the use of B-Stock Credits:You may see a grayed out “Redeem Credits” button for an order because that seller has made a business decision not to enable order payments using B-Stock Credits.

For additional questions about your B-Stock Balance, please Contact Us.