B-Stock Marketplace Dispute Policies

While B-Stock tries to ensure the best delivery of your excess merchandise purchases from our top retail brands and manufacturers, we know that disputes between buyers and sellers happen for a variety of reasons. When they do, our goal at B-Stock is to ensure a fair resolution by following these three steps.

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Step 1

Claim Validation

Ensure the claim is compliant with the dispute policy of the marketplace (variance allowed filing timeframe type of complaint allowed)

Step 2


Secure all required documentation for the claim to help identify the accountable party (Seller, Carrier, or B-Stock) -

  • Your statement summarizing the issue
  • A signed bill of lading or equivalent shipping documentation
  • Pictures of damaged/wrong condition product
  • Pictures of the load as it arrived, including close-ups of any pallet tags

Step 3


Calculate an objective refund based on the available evidence

By following these three steps, B-Stock ensures a fair and transparent resolution can be found. Before filing a dispute, please review the dispute policies of our marketplaces below and confirm your dispute is within the guidelines of the applicable marketplace.

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