Did you know that B-Stock has hundreds of thousands of registered business buyers on our platform, spanning 130 countries across the globe? From online resellers, wholesalers to local discount store chain owners, B-Stock fills the shelves (both virtual and physical) and the demands of our buyers. So whether you source apparel, consumer electronics, grocery, or mixed lots, B-Stock has you covered from new overstock to salvage condition and everything in between. Our retailers’ liquidation marketplaces accommodate our buyer’s sourcing demands across all sizes, conditions, and categories. Let’s check out some examples of the small businesses buying up bulk lots listed on B-Stock.

Who Sources Through B-Stock?

Discount Store Owners:

Typically, these are store owners who have multiple locations and tend to source inventory in high volumes. These store locations are modeled after large retail stores; oftentimes, sourcing across a variety of categories for the opportunity of cross-merchandising.

Mom and Pop Shops:

These business owners are running a smaller operation than discount chain store owners. They primarily have one, maybe two locations and it’s usually a family-run business. These buyers typically stay specialized in just a couple of categories and tend to not focus on as much cross-merchandising.

Flea Market/Swap Meet Vendor:

Vendors source a variety of inventory across all of our marketplaces (private retail marketplaces as well as B-Stock Supply) to resell at flea markets and swap meets. Popular categories for these buyers include apparel, small home appliances (toasters, Instapots, etc.), footwear, home & garden goods, and health & beauty.


Wholesalers buy large lots (often truckloads) through us, break them up and then resell the smaller lots of inventory to other buyers.


These buyers usually purchase large quantities of inventory (multiple truckloads), enough to fill up an entire shipping container! Exporters often have a business partner in the country the goods are going to. Popular categories for exporters include footwear, apparel, mobile devices, and health & beauty.

Mobile Buyers:

This group of buyers usually comes to B-Stock with previous experience in the cellular industry/mobile field. This group (both U.S. and internationally-based) oftentimes will do the repair and refurbishing of used mobile devices themselves. A majority of the devices, especially older models, get shipped overseas.

Online Sellers:

These buyers are the digital version of mom and pop shops. While they do not have a physical store, they do have a unique online storefront. Online sellers tend to purchase smaller lot sizes specializing in more focused categories such as consumer electronics, apparel, or home & garden.


These buyers are a fast-growing group. As additional easy-to-use platforms like Amazon, eBay, ThredUp, Poshmark, etc. come online, more and more buyers are looking to get into the reselling business either as a new venture or a way to make supplemental income. B-Stock is the perfect place for these buyers to begin!

While our buyers certainly have different demands and needs for their business, they all share something in common: consistency. All buyers rely upon a steady supply of inventory for their business, a transparent experience in which to source through, and a dependable solution they can count on.

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