GameStop is the world’s largest multichannel video game retailer with a retail network and family of brands that include 6,650 company-operated stores in 15 countries worldwide. Pretty impressive, right? In fact, GameStop closed out the second quarter of 2021 with $1.183 billion in net sales (compared to $942 million in Q2 of 2020). Another thing to note about GameStop is its robust trade-in program, where shoppers can trade in electronics, mobile devices, and games for cash or credit.

You have the potential to capture quite the profit as a mobile reseller. And whether you own a retail store, repair shop, are an exporter or operate out of your home, you can easily dive in at any stage of your reselling journey! Consider this article your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about buying GameStop returns and other inventory.

We’ll cover…

  • Overview of GameStop Wholesale
  • What makes GameStop inventory valuable
  • How to start buying GameStop returns
  • Tips for reselling mobile devices & electronics 

GameStop Wholesale: Overview

How does a company like GameStop deal with customer returns and overstock you might ask? Well, in order to recoup some of their losses, they liquidate! Registered buyers can directly access deeply discounted inventory while GameStop makes way for new inventory. These returns eventually find their way into the secondary market via resellers and wholesalers.

​​Inventory available for bid on GameStop Wholesale will include primarily trade-in merchandise, along with customer returns and overstock. And purchasing on an auction set up, you never pay more than you want on inventory.

What types of merchandise does this category include?

Since GameStop accepts trade-ins, you can find a variety of mobile devices, along with other consumer electronics. Think Apple returns like smartwatches, iPads, and iPhones, as well as Samsung returns like Android phones. Essentially, anything you might find in a GameStop and more!

  • Electronics
  • Mp3 Players
  • Smart Phones
  • Tablets
  • Wearables

What makes GameStop liquidation valuable?

Trade-ins are coming directly from GameStop stores

On the GameStop Wholesale marketplace, you will find primarily trade in mobile inventory. Plenty of it will be in Grade A and A/B condition, too! (We’ll touch more on conditions later.) All devices are traded in at the store, so as customers go into the physical location to trade in their iPhone 10, for example, they get store credit or cash, and that inventory on GameStop’s hands gets liquidated. From there, devices get processed, graded, data wiped, then listed on B-Stock— allowing buyers direct access to great inventory!

Inventory is already data wiped

Each device is data wiped at the store when they are traded in. Devices then go through another wipe at the warehouse. Multiple points of data wiping is good news for buyers as it takes time, money, and expertise to do it yourself.

Accessible to any registered buyer

Practically a household name by now, GameStop buyers know right away who and from where they are buying from. GameStop Wholesale is also one of the most open mobile liquidation marketplaces sites around. There are no restrictions on who can buy, for example, R2 certifications (which can be a lengthy process), or location restrictions. Simply register, get approved, and start buying on the GameStop marketplace!

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Multiple carriers & manufacturers in one place

GameStop accepts trade-in products across the board. This means you can find any manufacturer or carrier, however, Apple and Samsung returns carry a majority of the weight. Inventory on the GameStop Wholesale marketplace include:

  • Apple
  • T-Mobile
  • LG
  • Google Pixel
  • Mixed
  • Unlocked

Why does GameStop inventory get returned?

Mostly buyers looking to upgrade

Newer models come out every year and consumers are eager to upgrade. Why hang on to an older model when you can get money or store credit to upgrade?

Typical return reasons for electronics

Returns happen for plenty of reasons. Whether that’s not understanding how the product works, something’s not working, or disliking the look and/or color.

How to start buying GameStop case packs


The GameStop Wholesale marketplace is easy to register and purchase returns from! Just submit a valid resale certificate and start browsing GameStop auctions.

Understand mobile conditions

Mobile grades are used by carriers and manufacturers when selling their used inventory. On GameStop, you will find mostly Grade A/B. These will all be guaranteed to work still, but the further down you go in grade, the less pristine they will be. For example, Grade B will be free from cracks but visible scratches or edge chips less than 2mm are acceptable. Grade D devices could power on, but full functionality is not guaranteed. Read marketplace conditions closely before bidding so you know exactly what type of inventory you’re bidding on.

Easy to ship

GameStop returns are sold in case packs. These are small, easy-to-transport boxes with individual slots for wrapped mobile phones. A case pack will typically have 40 to 80 units and lot sizes can range from a single case pack up to 400-500 units. The benefit of case packs is that it’s vastly cheaper to ship and even more affordable to ship in the same state. Or, pick up boxes yourself if you’re nearby a local GameStop warehouse. Find more ways to save on shipping when buying on B-Stock.

Buyers can arrange their shipping (not binding)

The farther the distance, the more money it costs to ship. On GameStop Wholesale, buyers can arrange their own shipping. If an auction lists “Buyer Arranges Shipping” this means that you are responsible for contracting a carrier and shipping the product from the seller’s facility to yours.

You can currently find GameStop liquidation auctions listed out of the following location:

  • Grapevine, TX

Follow the new model announcements & drops

You can expect more people looking to upgrade their devices around the same time as new product releases. October through to November are big months for mobile buyers; around September when new iPhones are released you start to see more trade-ins.

Tips for reselling mobile devices & electronics

You can sell to other wholesalers

A majority of buyers are wholesalers selling to other wholesalers. If you have the relationships established already, you can buy your GameStop returns specifically to sell to other small or medium-sized wholesalers. Here’s what that looks like: you purchase a lot of 100 units from GameStop, ship that entire lot of 100 units to another wholesaler, and then it’s all downstream from there!

On a smaller scale, you might use eBay or Amazon to sell your devices. Selling single units can help maximize your profits, but you will also want to consider the time listing, writing product descriptions, taking photos, and answering customer inquiries will take.

Demand for mobile overseas

Many buyers may choose to ship liquidation mobile or electronics inventory overseas. Buying devices and then selling them overseas to Europe and Asia is a common practice. Buyers purchase from all over the globe, as long as they can export their product into the country, the GameStop marketplace is open to them.

For more information on exporting, check out Export Education: An Introduction.

Check where restrictions may apply on popular reselling platforms

When picking your reselling platforms, make sure you have any supporting documentation needed that shows where you’ve purchased the inventory. Certain platforms have tighter restrictions when it comes to reselling particular brands. For example, Amazon is an authorized reseller of Apple products, but unauthorized sellers may get their listings removed.

Consider refurbishing opportunities

Refurbishing electronics and mobile devices is another great opportunity. You can purchase D Grade inventory, or non-functional inventory, and make repairs/refurbish it! Or, sell that whole lot at a premium to other wholesalers who will do the refurbishing themselves.

Start buying GameStop returns today

You can find a variety of electronics and mobile devices from GameStop Wholesale, and at a good price too! Mobile inventory is especially hot when it comes time for trade-in season, exporting, or even selling individual devices on popular reselling platforms.

Hopefully, you’ve had some of your questions answered when it comes to GameStop products, case packs, and potential reselling profit. Register for GameStop’s marketplace today!

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