Between technology upgrades, trade-in programs and fickle buyer behavior, wireless dealers are left with millions of dollars in excess merchandise annually. Most of it can’t go back on store shelves and is better suited for liquidation or wholesale. That said, if you’ve historically relied on traditional B2B methods, like selling to a handful of buyers, you are most likely leaving a lot of money on the table.

So what makes for a better B2B solution for excess wireless inventory? It starts with ditching manual methods and implementing a web-based solution, in the form of an online auction marketplace. This makes it possible to have thousands of business buyers compete for your inventory, pushing prices up and delivering the highest price your buyer community is willing to pay. What’s more, leveraging an online marketplace platform will automate the sales process, deliver a faster sales cycle and generate proprietary market intelligence in the form of real data on market prices.

B-Stock Supply is our branded B2B marketplace where organizations, large to small, can sell their excess inventory to a concentrated base of secondary market business buyers. Unlike other solutions, B-Stock Supply enables a direct relationship between sellers and buyers, cutting out the middleman and providing a level of transparency unmatched elsewhere.

Interested in learning more? B-Stock’s Director of Business Development, Sean Cleland recently participated in a Q&A with Wireless Dealer Magazine about how B-Stock Supply is the best way to quickly turn excess wireless inventory into cash. If you’d like more information on how B-Stock can help you implement a better B2B solution, please contact us.

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