B-Stock Supply is the perfect place to source B-Stock inventory whether you’re just beginning your buying and reselling business or have been around the block. It’s also a good place to familiarize yourself with liquidation inventory and auctions before you jump into the big leagues. The best part is you can start in a low-commitment way with smaller lots, lower prices, and free shipping on Supply! While B-Stock offers three main buying channels for buying customer returns, overstock, and other liquidation inventory, in this post, we’ll focus on B-Stock Supply.

What does B-Stock mean?

You may be wondering what B-Stock even means. To start, you need to understand that merchandise you find in stores that has never been opened and is in brand new condition is known as A-Stock. If someone purchases said item and needs to return or send it back within the allotted return policy period, it turns into a used item. Used items are also known as B-Stock. As the leader in excess, returned, and liquidation inventory, it just made sense to call ourselves B-Stock—it’s what we specialize in!

B-Stock Supply Overview

Supply is a multi-seller marketplace where approved buyers can purchase returned, excess, and refurbished inventory from hundreds of different sellers all in one place. It’s like eBay but for business-to-business transactions. Sellers can list and sell merchandise themselves, while B-Stock (yours truly) hosts the auctions. Supply sellers range from Fortune 500 companies to small or medium-sized businesses. Shop across thousands of categories from hundreds of sellers — with new auctions posted daily!

Resellers all over the world have found success flipping items found on B-Stock Supply and B-Stock Supply Europe. So whether you use our platform to grow your business with a new inventory source, give a second life to items, or are just looking for fun, side gig, B-Stock Supply should be your go-to.

Why shop on Supply? Yes – B-Stock is legit!

Before there were 60+ private marketplaces for buyers to shop customer returned, overstock, and liquidation inventory, there was B-Stock Supply. What we learned over time was the importance of a strong starting point. Meaning, if you want to dabble, and try your hand at bidding and buying liquidation auctions, there has to be a way to do it.

Many of our B-Stock Supply buyers resell the merchandise on sites like eBay, Poshmark, or Amazon. Keep in mind, as with all of the inventory up for auction on B-Stock, this merchandise is liquidation. That can range from damaged customer returns to new shelf-pulls or overstock inventory.

Let’s go over a few benefits of buying on B-Stock Supply!

Benefits of B-Stock Supply

1. Smaller lot sizes

Lot sizes are usually smaller than on the private retailers’ marketplaces. At a glance, you can find auctions with quantities as little as 1-2 units to 60-100 units or even higher! If you’re looking for higher quantity but lower-value items, you can find that; or smaller quantities but higher-ticket items, you can find that, too. It also helps to have smaller lot sizes because you can sample different sellers more easily. If you’re just getting involved with reselling, this is a great place to start. Also, if you’re unsure of how much space you’ll need to receive and sort shipments, Supply offers a great alternative with its smaller lot sizes.

2. Lower prices

With smaller lots come lower prices, too. And it’s easier to win an auction if you are bidding on smaller lot sizes. Think cases and 1-2 pallets worth of inventory at a time. Since Supply is an auction-style site, you pay only what you want. If you don’t have the budget for a full truckload of general merchandise—this is great way to start. It’s always best to start small while you get your feet wet and work your way up to bigger auctions.

3. More diverse inventory

Supply has hundreds of auctions closing every day in every category. So if you haven’t found your niche yet, or like keeping your options open, then Supply is a great option. You can find big name brands as well as economical ones. You can also sort inventory by condition. If you’re looking for salvage one day, and new shelf pulls the next, you can do that.

4. Thrill and fortune of the treasure hunt

There are bargains and exciting finds on Supply! You could be buying from a Fortune 500 company or buying a specialized manufacturer’s remaining inventory of last year’s model run. Supply provides tons of opportunities no matter what type of business you have.

5. Seller ratings

Seller ratings are available on B-Stock Supply! This means you can shop with confidence from credible sellers and where other business-minded buyers are shopping too. You will see a five-star rating scale next to the name of each seller, with the total number of ratings that seller’s score is based off. You can “Sell all reviews” for even more details from past customers like purchase date and any additional comments.

seller ratings on B-Stock Supply

seller ratings on B-Stock Supply

You also have a quick overview of that Seller’s Profile. This includes information like the number of completed transactions, purchases from repeat buyers, buyer dispute rate, and unresolved dispute rate.

Seller profile on Supply

6. Free shipping

Many of the Supply sellers offer free shipping! This is the perfect way to get smaller lots and cheaper shipping on much of the same merchandise offered by our private retailer marketplaces. What’s more, you can shop by shipping types on Supply and only view auctions offering free shipping. If you don’t have to allocate funds in your budget for shipping you can use that money to make your bid more competitive!

Here are a few other ways to save on shipping when buying on B-Stock!

7. It’s easy to get your feet wet

Supply auctions start at $100, which makes bidding accessible to buyers regardless of how much startup capital you have. Be sure to familiarize yourself with online bidding terms so you can successfully bid and win your first auction. It’s also a great way to branch out into new inventory types if you’ve mostly stuck to one category!

8. Buyer protection program

All merchandise is sold as is, but we encourage sellers to be as accurate as possible with the information provided on their auction listings. Luckily, on Supply, auctions over $300 sold in the US and Canada are automatically protected. We know it’s not always easy to find a reliable seller on the internet. Being wary of scams and bric-a-brac inventory that no longer has any value is, unfortunately, part of the world of liquidations. But on Supply, we closely monitor and vet sellers so you don’t have to worry.

B-Stock Supply vs Private Marketplaces

We also operate private marketplaces for today’s largest retailers and manufacturers including Home Depot, Amazon, Macy’s, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Wayfair, GE, and more. A private marketplace is where a single retailer (like Walmart) lists and sells its returned, excess, and other liquidation inventory directly to you, the buyer. That means no middleman!

If you have customers that are looking for name-brand products or specific retailers, it wouldn’t hurt to register on private marketplaces! They’re custom to each retailer, so you will have to register to each one individually before you can view full auction details and bid.

If you want the opportunity to try out different sellers all in one place, then go with Supply. To begin bidding on Supply you’ll need to create an account. Register on B-Stock Supply to get started.

For both options, you will need to have a valid resale certificate. Resale certificates from our US buyers or tax IDs from non-US buyers are required.

Start Buying Liquidation Pallets on B-Stock!

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buying liquidation pallets

Now that you know the benefits of buying on B-Stock Supply you can be on your way to reselling awesome liquidation inventory! Once you get your inventory, you’ll want to pick a reselling platform to list it on. If you need more information on picking a reselling platform, check out 10 Best Places to Resell Online.

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