It’s a wrap on the Tokyo Olympics and athletes are returning home with their hard-earned medals. In Latin America, Brazil leads the pack with 21 medals, seven of which are gold. But if you’ve ever wondered if the medals were made of real gold, the answer is 2-part: One, the medals are made of a conglomerate of materials, and they are then gold plated. Two, the materials can be partially up to the host country. For example, Japan 2020 marks the first Olympics where the medals are made of recycled goods.

“The actual medals were made from recycled consumer electronics and a lot of that was donated by Japanese people who wanted to play a part in the Olympics,” said Marcus Shen, COO of B-Stock, one of the largest “recommerce” electronics and appliances B2B platforms in the world. Recommerce is the resale of goods, and in B-stock’s case, it’s electronics and appliances that come directly from known retailers such as Target, Walmart and Amazon.

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