Climate change and the environmental impacts of our personal and professional choices have come to the forefront of many consumers’ minds in recent years. As many brands attempt to become more sustainable, furniture retailers and the furniture industry in general have long lagged behind. With new greener brands popping up all over the world, existing businesses can’t afford to ignore the demand for better environmental practices.

In fact, research has demonstrated that today’s shoppers would rather buy from retailers that incorporate sustainable business practices into their daily operations. One study showed that over 80% of US consumers polled believe that sustainability is important for the brands they buy.

The Big Problem in Furniture Retail

In today’s retail landscape, the furniture industry a lot to answer for. Synthetic materials, single-use plastic or styrofoam packaging, and the “fast furniture” trend all lead to environmental damage. But while manufacturers and distributors need to adopt more sustainable ways, retailers may not have much control over these issues.

Among the worst practices is dumping damaged or excess furniture and appliances. For every store that has a scratch-and-dent room, many don’t. These retailers may not think about the impact of sending large furniture to the landfill.

Not only is this practice bad for the earth, but it’s also bad for your business reputation and bottom line. If consumers learn that your company trashes stock, your reputation will almost certainly suffer. And when products get sent to the landfill, you’re not recouping your costs on them. Fortunately, there are better options available.

Sell Scratch-and-Dent

Many furniture retailers have offered a selection of discounted scratch-and-dent furniture, appliances, and home accessories for decades. Usually, it’s a small room tucked away in a back corner of the store that features an eclectic collection of unsold, discontinued, or damaged products offered as-is for steep discounts. This is a great way to offload large products that are no longer in pristine condition.

This is not an option for all furniture retailers, however. After all, furniture takes up a lot of floor space and scratch-and-dent merchandise may not move quickly enough to keep your warehouses clear of damaged or unwanted goods.

Sustainable Furniture Companies Choose Liquidation

The best way to clear out excess or unsellable furniture quickly is to set up liquidation auctions. When you liquidate with B-Stock, you can sell entire truckloads of inventory at a time, and all types of furnishings and appliances are welcome.

Got a room full of dented kitchen appliances or a showroom worth of display furniture to turn over? We can sell it for you and ensure you get the best price the secondary market will supply. List everything from brand new goods that sell too slowly to salvage furnishings that are broken or missing important parts. And since our buyers are fully-vetted resellers, you can be confident that liquidating won’t damage your brand name in the process.

B-Stock’s online liquidation auctions are fast-moving, with simple and efficient shipping options that will help clear your warehouse in record time. We offer 30% higher recovery rates for your merchandise than legacy liquidation solutions, so you know you’ll get the best return on your investment. And our buyers are happy to take any sort of merchandise off your hands: there’s a bidder on our site for your overstock, returns, and damaged items too!

Ready to get started liquidating the excess inventory that’s been clogging up your warehouse or storeroom? Join some of the world’s largest furniture retailers that already liquidate with B-Stock. Check out Wayfair Liquidation Auctions, Amazon Liquidation Auctions, Walmart Liquidation Auctions, Ashley Homestore Liquidation Auctions, and Herman Miller Liquidation Auctions. We’re your trusted partner with the expert advice you need to make the most of your liquidation lots.


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B-Stock Editorial Team

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