This week on the B-Stock Minute: Returns & the Secondary Market. With the current retail environment creating an increased need for online shopping, what will happen to returns? What does this mean for retailers, and what can they do about it?

Returns & the Secondary Market

With so much growth in e-commerce, it’s only to be expected that e-commerce returns will also increase, creating a wave of growth in the secondary market. How can retailers tap into the growing and promising outlet? B-Stock’s Head of Business Development, EMEA Giorgio Vitale will be at Deliver 2020 hosting a Table Talk discussing the implementation of new strategies for secondary market inventories, but for now, he shares how retailers can prepare in a B-Stock Minute:

About the B-Stock Minute

The B-Stock Minute is a weekly, one-minute video series dedicated to updating you on the most recent trends that B-Stock is seeing in every area of our business. In addition to today’s video discussing returns & the secondary market, make sure you check out some of our other B-Stock Minute videos:

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If you’re attending Deliver 2020, make be sure to sit in on Giorgio’s Table Talk. And if you want to learn more about transforming your secondary market strategy, get in touch with Giorgio.

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