The 2019 SDCE100 showcases the industry’s most successful and transformative projects that deliver value to enterprises across a range of supply chain functions. The projects offer a forward-looking perspective for the industry on new opportunities that allow companies to take the leap toward success.

Enabler: B-Stock —

Customer: Fortune 500 retailer

Project Goal: The primary business objective was to increase buyer engagement and pricing for the retailer’s returned and excess merchandise

Solutions: B-Stock’s B2B online marketplace platform and services, including auction strategy, payment processing and customer support

Business Impact: A Fortune 500 warehouse club retailer had been working with B-Stock to sell its returned and excess inventory through a private B2B liquidation marketplace. As pricing and buyer engagement on these mixed lots leveled, the company needed a new strategy to increase bidding and recovery. B-Stock recommended that the retailer implement specific storage strategies, resulting in increased buyer engagement. The electronics lots achieved a 50-percent increase in recovery, while seasonal items generated a 66-percent increase in recovery over mixed lot pricing. The retailer experienced an overall 155-percent jump in recovery for general merchandise as well.

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