Millions of dollars in merchandise is returned to wireless retailers each year. Most of it can’t go back on store shelves due to diminished item condition, damaged packaging or product obsolescence. No matter the reason, that’s a significant amount of idle inventory taking up backroom space and subsequently costing money. Reducing internal time and costs in the handling of this merchandise can make a huge difference margin-wise; this is especially true when it comes to merchandise slated for liquidation.

This topic was recently covered by Wireless Dealer Magazine specifically looking at how an efficient liquidation solution for customer-returned and other excess wireless inventory – implemented either in-house or through a solution provider like B-Stock Solutions – can really optimize the monetization of this merchandise.

Before you get started however, there are questions you should ask yourself, including:

  • Are you reaping maximum financial benefits?
  • Does your solution provide the control you want?
  • Are you building a strategic advantage for your company?
  • Is the solution adequately flexible?

Taking a look at some the approaches other wireless retailers are taking with their excess inventory can provide clarity and direction as well. Many are opting to build customized B2B liquidation and wholesale marketplaces – like those powered by B-Stock Solutions – that connect excess and customer returned inventory directly to buyers; this enables more control over the entire process while boosting recovery amounts.

For more information including best practices and advice on how to implement a solution for returned and excess wireless inventory please check out our Wireless Dealer Magazine article. For more information on B-Stock Solutions’ service offerings please contact us.

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